Take Credit Card Processing Fees to Zero

Payment Solutions to Delight Customers and Optimize Profitability

What We Offer

Not all businesses are created equal, and neither are payment solutions. We help you navigate the complex world of payment processing. Whether it’s lowering cost, enhancing customer experience, or aligning with a stable partner, Merchant Advantage delivers the optimal payment solution for your business.


Cut through complexity to understand how payments work and select the right solution with confidence.

Cost Effective

Secure the lowest rate. We’ll help you source the best rates across a network of top-tier payment partners.


Speak to a real person. Our service specialists are here to address the mission-critical needs of your business.


Protecting customer data is our top priority. All solutions are built using multi-layered security with end-to-end encryption.

What is Your Primary Objective?

Reduce Costs

I’m spending more than I want for credit card processing and would like to lower my charges.

On the surface, it may seem that all payment processing options are the same. Often times payments companies do not fully explain how rates are determined. As an operator, your primary role is to run your business. That’s where we come in. Merchant Advantage understands how banks will categorize your business risk and will work with our expansive network to obtain the best rates, saving your company thousands per month.

Cash Facilitation

I want to bring fees close to zero by enabling, debit cards, cash discounting, and payment apps.

With inflation on the rise, some jurisdictions have passed laws allowing business owners to pass on the payment processing fees to customers in the form of a surcharge. Business owners can now elect to pass along to end customers all or a portion of the fees they pay for credit card processing. While this seems like a win for the business, depending on your average transaction size, an extra fee can result in lost customers. This is where cash discounting comes in. By offering the ability to accept e-cash or debit cards, customers can receive a cash discount, resulting in near-zero fees for customers and business alike. Now that’s a win-win.

High-Risk Solutions

I’m concerned my payments vendor will shut off access to my industry and need to ensure my business can always accept credit card payments.

For reasons related to business risk, seasonality, and risk of fraud, banks and payment providers deem certain industries “High-Risk”. These high-risk industries are not only subject to higher credit card processing fees but have been cut off from payment solutions altogether. In an age when corporations are under increasing pressure to weigh in on social and moral issues, certain high-risk companies have been informed by their payment processing vendor that their access will be removed with minimal notice. As a high-risk business, your company’s viability is thus tied to carefully selecting a payment partner that can underwrite your business based on its financial merits and manage portfolio risk. Merchant Advantage specializes in partnering with banks and payment providers that understand your business and can provide stability, so you can rest easy, knowing your customers can continue to pay with credit cards.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We had been overpaying for credit card processing for years and did not realize how much the industry and laws had evolved. Merchant Advantage helped make sense of our options and cut our processing fees by over 25%.

Dr. C. South Florida Food Allergy Center

Given the price of our training programs, surcharging would have a big impact on our customers. With the help of Merchant Advantage, we were able to offer debit cards and e-cash payment options, allowing our company and students to save on fees. As a financial training company, we have to practice what we preach!

Jason R. Market Wizards Trading Academy

It took us years to build a successful online business, but we constantly worried about our payments vendor cutting off service. Merchant Advantage helped us find a partner that focused on the financial strength of our business and not just an industry classification. We can sleep easy knowing our hard-earned customer base is in good hands.

Julie B. The Supplement SuperStore