As human beings, we have this amazing ability to know what we should do to better our situation, but for some reason, delay acting on it. The simple truth is, you’re very busy and cannot be an expert in every area. Merchant Advantage acts as an extension of your team, identifying the optimal payment solution and handling the transition. In less than 48 hours, your company can be delighting your customers and saving thousands per month in the process. What are you waiting for?

Flexible and Fast Technology Transitions

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal is a web-based application for processing card present, card not present, and recurring payments. The Virtual Terminal can be integrated with EMV devices and utilized point-to-point encryption for data security and further reduction of PCI scope.

Software Integration

API Integration into gateways allows for full payment integration into core systems, enabling transaction information to be captured as part of the overall workflow process. No matter what system you run on, we will find a way to make it work.

What We Offer

Not all businesses are created equal, and neither are payment solutions. We help you navigate the complex world of payment processing. Whether it’s lowering cost, enhancing customer experience, or aligning with a stable partner, Merchant Advantage delivers the optimal payment solution for your business.


Cut through complexity to understand how payments work and select the right solution with confidence.

Cost Effective

Secure the lowest rate. We’ll help you source the best rates across a network of top-tier payment partners.


Speak to a real person. Our service specialists are here to address the mission-critical needs of your business.


Protecting customer data is our top priority. All solutions are built using multi-layered security with end-to-end encryption.